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G'day Steve,

Robin and Mike were great DX friends. Got together  usually weekly to talk about DX..  Early on with poor radios they had  QRM problem if they both on  160 meters at the same sunrise time.  They decided  Mike would take 160 meters and Robin  80 meters (75 SSB) this time period..

Robin had two Beverage antenna toward North America, They were arranged and feed in a V Beam fashion, terminated and high enough so a "Joey" would not take them down.

Salt water came up to his QTH underground, so he had a system to catch rainwater from  the roof of his house and store it in very large tanks for home use..  His vertical antenna(s) radials were very effective over this below ground salt water possibly acting as raised radials.

Robin did work other bands including 40 SSB in his later years.  Worked him once on 10 meter SSB from my mobile in the early 1990's. 


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Very sorry to hear of the passing of Robin VK6LK. The passion of Robin and his great friend Mike VK6HD for lowband DXing was an inspiration to me when first arriving in Western Australia in 1989. The old SSB DX window just below 3.8MHz at local sunrise won’t sound quite the same – Robin’s presence there was as regular as clockwork for most of the last quarter of a century. 

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ

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