Topband: To JT or not to JT

Art Roberts w1aer at
Sat May 20 14:10:29 EDT 2017

This sounds like a question that will always be around. To me the great 
thing about all of this is the increase in activity on a band that does 
have some rough times with propagation. I know that for myself, using 
the JT modes along with my very inefficient antenna and 'low' power, has 
certainly helped me work many stations on a great band. It also has 
encouraged me to improve my station for 160.

73 es DX
Art  w1aer

On 5/20/2017 1:51 PM, DXer wrote:
> Right!
> When we see some of issues that are popping up now, such as remotes 
> being used outside ones entity but claimed as inside, to argue about 
> which mode is worthy or not, is misguided.
> In addition, is not like 160 is a crowded band. :^)
> 73 de Vince, VA3VF
> On 2017-05-20 1:25 PM, rick darwicki via Topband wrote:
>> There is no question......... get them anyway you can mixed.
>> If you want an all CW, SSB or Digital, go for it but don't belittle 
>> guys that don't have 500 ft. beverages in 6 directions and full size 
>> 4 squares for transmitting.
>> I have 91 countries on topband with an S-7/8 noise level and if it 
>> takes JT to get the last 9, so be it, then I'll worry about picking 
>> up the others on CW later.
>> We don't hear whining that the all CW guys haven't gotten with the 
>> 21st century and don't know how to use modern technology, it the 
>> AM/SSB flap all over again.
>> Next thing you know people will start complaining "he worked him in 
>> June, not the REAL DXer's season" hi hi hi  Rick 
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