Topband: Stone age arguments

Roger Cooke roger at
Sat May 20 16:09:59 EDT 2017


   I have been following this argument with some amusement. Only 
because it can relate to just about any situation that we can think of.
Example 1

   I got a teleprinter in 1959 and put it on the air. I was told in 
no uncertain terms that the awful jingle-bell QRM was not amateur 
radio and not wanted on the bands.

    Fast forward to 2017. It's the most used data mode there is!

Example 2

   I built an SSB exciter in 1962 and was told that no way should 
that duck-talk be on the amateur bands. It was not wanted and should 
be banned. Look at the bands now. How many AM stations do you hear?

Example 3

    I built the TNC-1 first packet board in 1982. I was accused of 
QRM on the bands ( VHF and HF ) that was not wanted and would not 
last.  OK, it did get knocked out by the Internet, but so has a lot 
of other stuff and it did last for a number of years culminating in 
me running the UK Satgate. Yes, I was very sad at its demise.

Example 4

    A local station has been active on EME for years with his 
home-built 12 x 12 array of two metre yagis on a massive 
construction in his back garden. Now you can do EME with JT65 and 
one yagi. That battle is on-going and gets quite heated!


What will be next?  Contests? A thorny subject right 

73 de Roger, G3LDI

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