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Sat May 20 17:23:16 EDT 2017


There is a little discussion going on on eHam right now, about the use o 
DX Clusters, and other tools. Being attached to the past, fighting 
progress, etc etc ...the standard good natured 'circular arguments' we 
see repeated from time to time, like a periodic comet. :^)

AA6YQ (apologies Dave, for not asking you before cross-posting here) 
wrote the following about technologies and standards:

"Technologies in use before you are ~35 years of age are standards that 
every ham should be using. Technologies that become available after you 
are 35 years of age make things too easy, enable ignorant unskilled ops 
to succeed, and destroy the hobby."

He is so right in his analysis.

73 de Vince, VA3VF

On 2017-05-20 4:09 PM, Roger Cooke wrote:
> Hi.
>   I have been following this argument with some amusement. Only because
> it can relate to just about any situation that we can think of.
> Example 1
>   I got a teleprinter in 1959 and put it on the air. I was told in no
> uncertain terms that the awful jingle-bell QRM was not amateur radio and
> not wanted on the bands.
>    Fast forward to 2017. It's the most used data mode there is!
> Example 2
>   I built an SSB exciter in 1962 and was told that no way should that
> duck-talk be on the amateur bands. It was not wanted and should be
> banned. Look at the bands now. How many AM stations do you hear?
> Example 3
>    I built the TNC-1 first packet board in 1982. I was accused of QRM on
> the bands ( VHF and HF ) that was not wanted and would not last.  OK, it
> did get knocked out by the Internet, but so has a lot of other stuff and
> it did last for a number of years culminating in me running the UK
> Satgate. Yes, I was very sad at its demise.
> Example 4
>    A local station has been active on EME for years with his home-built
> 12 x 12 array of two metre yagis on a massive construction in his back
> garden. Now you can do EME with JT65 and one yagi. That battle is
> on-going and gets quite heated!
> ------------------------------------
> What will be next?  Contests? A thorny subject right now.................
> 73 de Roger, G3LDI

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