Topband: to JT or not to JT

DXer hfdxmonitor at
Sun May 21 14:38:10 EDT 2017

QRP is not a mode per se, but after alot of 'pressure', the ARRL 
relented and now issues a DXCC QRP award, albeit unnumbered, and outside 
of the mainstream DXCC.

Nobody has been forced to apply for one, as far as I know. :^)

73 de Vince, VA3VF

On 2017-05-21 2:28 PM, DXer wrote:
> Hi JC,
> That's true, but it is an endorsement for WAS.
> And since the DXCC categories were not delivered to us a part of the 10 
> commandments, it can change at any moment. :^)
> 73 de Vince, VA3VF
> On 2017-05-21 2:09 PM, JC wrote:
>> JT is not CW and not SSB, why it is not a category by itself.  SSB CW and
>> Digital.
>> DXCC JT modes.
>> Regards
>> JC
>> N4IS

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