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Wed Nov 1 13:42:19 EDT 2017


You haven't really provided enough information to solve your problem.  If you 
want to use a shunt coil then I suggest that you consider measuring the R-jX at 
your frequency of interest and then designing an L-network using purposeful 
shortening of the antenna to create a capacitive reactance and then shunting the 
feedpoint with an inductance.  For example, if the frequency is 1.82 MHz and R 
remained 18 ohm (it probably won't) then shortening the antenna to make the 
feedpoint 18 -j25, a shunt inductor of 3.3 uH will yield an SWR of 1.05:1

This is in effect an unbalanced version of a hairpin match on a Yagi DE.

Wes  N7WS

On 11/1/2017 9:54 AM, MR TREVOR DUNNE wrote:
> Hi All
> I finally got the vertical up and running, problem I have now is I can't find a low SWR on the coil, the best I can get is about 2.8:1 no matter where I tap the coil that's the best SWR, I can move that point up and down the band by moving the tap but the SWR stays the same,
> My current set up is about 55ft vertical I have 2 loading wires in a T shape, wires are 50ft either side of the vertical and the are pretty level and in line,
> I have 38 radials averaging about 45-60ft long, I will add more when time allows but don't the make the SWR worse ??
> With no coil I get resonance at 2.12mhz with R=16 X=2 on my MFJ269,
> The coil is 25ft of 5mm copper brake pipe in a 4" diameter, the coil is attached to base of the vertical and the other end is grounded,
> Any pointers on what I can do to get a better match,
> Thanks
> Trevor
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