Topband: Good Conditions Last Night

Tue Nov 7 09:51:56 EST 2017

Zone 18 is always a nice one to get hopefully zone 19 will pop up soon it's always one of the hardest to work due to lack of activity,

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Hi guys

Yesterday the propagation was very good in general,  however a very
important even happed. For the first time in several years the polar path to
zone 18 was open for most US states, down to Central Florida. Propagation
was most vertical and direct across the north pole. 

Get ready for more openings during November/ December. The DX season is here
and very strong opening are possible every night.  

Use your fingers and call CQ on 160m. A receiving antenna  beaming North
will be very helpful for several years during the low part of the solar


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Really good to hear 160m in good shape last night!   Worked nearly 40
stations on CW, including across to Arizona and several in Texas, most of
whom answered my CQ DX calls.  (might have worked more if I stayed on
longer, but needed to get to bed!)

Having said that, these conditions are what I would have considered just
"normal" a few years ago.

However, I take back my recent comments about the lack of activity.

Roger G3YRO

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