Topband: Good long path opening from VK6 to NA

Steve Ireland vk6vz at
Wed Nov 8 02:51:31 EST 2017


It has been a pretty poor season here so far, with conditions after VK6 sunset into North America at/before sunrise well down on last year. However, this morning the band opened well into eastern North America.

Jeff VY2ZM was 569 at 2100Z (14 minutes before sunrise here) peaking a couple of minutes after my sunrise at 599, during our QSO.  

After a internet message from John W1FV (MA) to try for a QSO, we worked easily – after a number of years of trying – at 2127Z with reports of 559 both ways. At the end of the QSO John peaked 589 and I was then QSOed by Roger N1RJ (ME) 56-79 and Dick W1ZC (NH) 579.    

Long path QSOs with the USA on 160m only occur rarely from here – I’ve had about 15 in 22 years – but really get the adrenaline going when they occur. This was a really good opening – and the A Index was 32 and the K index 6.

What a strange band is the topband!

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ

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