Topband: Beverage construction

Ed Sawyer sawyered at
Fri Nov 24 12:15:16 EST 2017

I have found that a common source of noise on beverage systems is the need
to use the small F type connectors and the crappy F type coax that is often
on the jumpers as well as just converting it all to the final input to your


Try the simplest but clean and checked coax directly from the beverage to
the receiver first to see if there is any noise.  Then add in the elements
that might be present on the normal way into the shack and through any items
along the way.


I had a high pass broadcast filter that was the cause of noise at one point.


A beverage with no preamp should be MUCH quieter than your transmit antenna
on 80.  In my case it's a 6 S unit drop.


Ed  N1UR

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