Topband: CQ WW CW 160m observations

Roger Kennedy roger at
Mon Nov 27 09:56:27 EST 2017

Trevor I popped on a few times on 160 over the contest weekend . . . but
agree, conditions were rather poor . . . I worked pretty much the same NA
stations as you.

I actually heard quite a few more US stations, but it was when they were
calling other Europeans (who often didn't hear them) . . . but as I never
heard them calling CQ I didn't have extra contacts.

73 Roger G3YRO


Hi All

First time to give 160 a good go during CQ WW and I was surprised how few NA
stations I heard,

I feel I was active at the right time 03-08utc but apart from VO1HP K3LR and
W3LPL I don't think I worked a half a dozen more, worked some Caribbean
stations as well I don't have a contest winning setup by any means but I was
expecting a lot more from NA, due to work I'm going to miss the ARRL 160
contest next weekend which is a pity as it would give me a better chance to
see how well I can hear NA,
Just wondering how did guys over this side find NA prop and how did the NA
guys find prop to EU??



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