Topband: CQ WW CW 160m observations

David Olean K1WHS at
Mon Nov 27 13:01:05 EST 2017


I was calling and calling many EU stations and they would uniformly come 
back calling CQ right in my face both evenings. I was running 1500 watts 
into a vertical with 125 radials. I seemed to hear just fine, but no one 
across the pond could hear me. I quit in disgust on Friday evening about 
0330 UT,  but was active all evening on Saturday until the Sun came up 
in Europe. I only called CQ once around 0700 UT on Saturday and that is 
when I worked you.  Mostly I tuned looking for DX stations. A few 
earlier CQs produced nothing.  Very strange conditions for sure. I 
thought my antenna was broken.

Dave K1WHS

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