Topband: 160 inverted L radials question

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Tue Nov 28 09:18:49 EST 2017

Hi James,

The vertical really needs to come down directly to the central common point
of the radial field for them to operate with all the advantages. Running a
single wire from the base of the vertical at the ground 30 feet over to the
center of a radial field could easily lose 3 or 4 dB, more if your soil is
"poor". Really bad idea.

If you simply *must* move the vertical, and the radials simply *cannot* be
redone in the new position, you could consider raised radials, or an FCP
with an isolation transformer. KP2M on STX was using an L over FCP until
the hurricane, and lost his antennas. He hasn't been able to rebuild the
house or antennas yet due to the electrical and building supply conditions
there which I'm sure you are very familiar with. An L over FCP is
extensively discussed at, including some important aspects of an L
that seem fairly unknown to the ham populace, that apply regardless of the
counterpoise in use.

Use of 4 raised 1/8 wave radials with an isolation transformer and a series
inductor for tuning a short L has significantly improved performance in
some specific instances over ON4UN's specified setup with 1/8 wave radials.

73, Guy K2AV

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> Hi folks:Iam in the process to reinstall an inverted L antenna. Due to the
> category 5 hurricane that passthru the island of ST.CROIX usvi i loss 2
> towers and of the towers use to support and inverted L antenna
> for 160  with radials all over the tower. I will reinstall the  inverted L
> on a different location about 25 or 30 feet away from the original
> question is could i use the same radials from the previous
> location just running one wire attach to the radial system to the new
> inverted Lground section?
> ThanksKP2BH/Jimmy
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