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Wed Nov 29 06:03:24 EST 2017

Hi Petr

I kind understand your request, however I would like to share my view,
Beacon on 160m is really DQRM, like YO on 1810.5 running 100w. Several DX
stations runs 100w and work thousands of QSO.s. Please how is responsible
for the YO beacon, turn it off, please again. 

The MUF is always above 3 MHz!

160m is very narrow 50KHz for most countries.  Beacons on 160m just eat band
and DQRM.

My two cents, 


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Hello all,

just FYI, I updated the beacons list today.

I will be appreciated to get any report or info about beacons from 160m band
in Your location to put it into the list or to update it here accordingly...\

Thank you for your kind help,

73 - Petr, OK1RP
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