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Wed Nov 29 09:20:04 EST 2017


Well...we could look at who was on first from the CW op's point of view 
just as easily. It just depends on who's ox is being gored. As for not 
listening longer than a few seconds after QRL that is just reasonable. 
Some of us (me for example) listen around for five or ten minutes 
*before* sending QRL. Filters open. Waterfall on (if we have them). 
Nobody in ham radio has been assigned a frequency that 'belongs to them'.

That said, there are "gentlemen's agreements". Those only apply *if* 
there are gentlemen. The band offers 200 kc of spectrum - at least for 
U.S. hams. That seems like a great plenty. It's the "Gentlemen's Band" 
so lets get back to being gentlemen and accommodate all of the other 
gentlemen (and ladies too). Maybe we can infect some of the other bands 
with more civility while we are at it.


Bill  KU8H

On 11/29/2017 07:59 AM, Michael Walker wrote:
> Tim is correct.
> Also, when you do operate most digital modes today (FT8, RTTY, JT65, etc),
> it is 50/50 if you even have the volume turned up as you are focusing on
> the waterfall.  Heck, even when I do RTTY, I usually just watch the cross
> hairs on the simulated scope since that is the way I grew with RTTY.
> The point is that hams own the spectrum and they get to do with it what
> they choose within the limits of their license.  Worldwide.
> No one makes you use any mode you don't want to.  Spin the dial.  Move on.
> Life is too short.
> Mike va3mw
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