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Wed Nov 29 14:03:26 EST 2017

When you say if not me, then one of the other 1000 of participants... it
sounds a little like if other people are going to have poor operating
technique, so should I.  I never said that FT8 takes precedence over any
other group.  What I am saying is that there is no need to deliberately jump
on a frequency that you know has other use when there is a whole band -- not
just 1800 - 1860...but 1800 to 2000 khz (yes, you can use an antenna tuner
in the top part of the band).  

I know 1840 will be overrun during the contest...because some people just
don't know, don't care, or won't have an awareness of where they are
operating. FT8 folks won't go away because of a few weekends of contesting

I do have an agenda, Ed.  My agenda is that it isn't any harder to be
courteous than not.

73, Greg-N4CC

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You should ask that question on the FT8 users group actually.  There is an
interest group that is wanting to use the frequency for a short time.  When
you get there (or can you tell your computer) and there is already activity
- can you QSY to 30M?  Why is it that the FT8 interest group takes
precedence over the contesting group actually?

If you think that 1838 - 1941 will remain QRM from for the 160M contest....

So if not me, it will be one of the other 1000 participants globally that
are happy to use the found clear frequency.

Sounds like you have an agenda Greg.


Ed  N1UR

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Just because you have the right to be on a frequency, if you know another
interest group wants to use it and it has become that group's normal
operating segment -- whether by gentleman's agreement or band plan, then why
do you feel the need to use that space?  Just selfish I guess.  No one
questions the "right" to use a frequency; they question the intelligence of
someone who deliberately tries to enforce their "right" when they have other
options that don't create a conflict.  

FT8 is no more flawed than CW.  If there is a pileup on the cw DX frequency,
you won't be able to copy either.  Does that make CW a flawed mode?  I'm not
advocating for FT8; I'm advocating for decency and common sense.

It takes so little effort to be considerate of others...but then the world
seems to be getting less hospitable all the time.  Unfortunate.  73,

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I'm sorry but I don't buy the argument that the way to be a "gentleman" is
to accept everyone else's interests above your own.  A "gentleman" is
respectful of others and treats others as he/she wants to be treated.


No one owns a frequency channel at least in the US - read your license.


If I come on a frequency, hear nothing, ask QRL using a legal and accepted
mode for the frequency and hear nothing, I am using the frequency.  By the
way - even the ARRL admits there is no longer a "DX Window" on 160M.


If FT8 is such a fragile mode to QRM that it needs a 2khz undisturbed
window, then it is a flawed mode that will not stand the test of time in my
opinion.  I am already starting to hear DX side people saying it's a
complete waste of time and abandoning it.  I hear 3Y is going to try it -
that should be hilarious.  


I think that most of the FT8 crowd is horribly misinformed with dribble they
read on the internet and think that some "net authority" has granted
exclusive access to said frequency band and that they have had such right
since June.  


Look for me on 1840 in the ARRL 160 this weekend after listening, asking
QRL, and seeing if I am disturbing anyone in my 400hz receiving window.




Ed  N1UR

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