Topband: CQWW 160m observations

Roger Kennedy roger at
Wed Nov 29 17:46:34 EST 2017

As I mentioned before, the problem that I found was that there weren't many
NA stations calling CQ.  

I heard quite a few calling EU stations, but that was on THEIR frequency.

I didn't want to put out a CQ Call during the contest, as I would have had
hundreds of EU stations calling me !  (I only came on at odd times, looking
for DX)

By the way . . . conditions seemed much better last night . . . and l kept
calling CQ DX from about 23.30 to 00.30Z . . . but despite being spotted on
the cluster and seeing good signal reports on NA RBN stations, only ONE
station actually called me !

Roger G3YRO

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