Topband: FT8 Usage or CW QRM

Ed Sawyer sawyered at
Thu Nov 30 06:05:54 EST 2017

The more I hear and learn about FT8, the more amazingly bad this mode


There is a simple way to solve the 1840 problem.  Just "update the app" to
default to 1980 and the whole 2.5khz crowd will move up there.  Amazingly,
most won't even know they moved, they will just wonder why their 160M
antenna "isn't working the way it used to".  But then hit the tuner button
and call it a day.


This is essentially the same dialog the automotive industry is having on
autonomous vehicles.  When "normal life" interferes with efficient driving
algorithm, the answer is to eliminate normal life (ie - special lanes on
highways).  Sounds like FT8 just needs its own spectrum spice to be
sanctioned legally be the Region Bandplans.  And because IT is the one
needing the special treatment, it can adopt to whatever spot is decided for
it.  For 160M - clearly 2000 - 1980 would provide the necessary 10
"channels" it requires for future growth.





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