Topband: Shortened Radial Experiments

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Thu Oct 26 22:45:01 EDT 2017

Jeez Carl,

If you had read my write-up, you would realize that I NEVER recommended 
2 radials for operating....just as a simple technique to measure 
resonant radial length in one's soil....

Also, the point is NOT that everyone should use shortened radials. The 
point IS that for hams with the typically 50' or so vertical portion of 
an inverted L, you can have good results without going to 120 radials 
that are 135 foot long!

However, I guess if you live next to the pond, results are much easier 
to come by. Those of us in the middle of the country don't have it quite 
so easy...


On 10/26/2017 10:17 PM, Carl wrote:
> My 300+ DXCC on 160 has not resorted to a shortened radial plus Im 
> also past 100 DXCC with 5W amd 16 with 100 mw.
> Some spend too much time thinking math is the only answer and miss a 
> lot of DX.
> Measuring 2 radials is a complete waste of time unless in a salt marsh 
> as seasonal ground variations have huge variations. Even Beverage 
> owners realize that and add radials to stabilize.
> Carl

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