Topband: FT8 - the end of 160m old school DXing? (long)

John K9UWA john at
Sun Oct 29 12:03:15 EDT 2017

Someone will develop a software program that takes the human voice or 
CW and packetize it much the same as cell phones already do into digital 
packet form. Then it will be added to the carrier or lack thereof similar to 
SSB and or CW. On the receive end the software will convert it back to 
analog. Once again we will hear the signal after it is processed into analog 
coming out of our speakers in either CW or Phone sounds. Perhaps a 7 to 
10 second delay for all the processing to take place.

This FT8 program has the ability to extract the digital signals from the noise 
and process them up to 10-15 dB below the noise level. So why can't the 
human voice be processed in a similar manner?

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> Now, over to you other topbanders, especially those who have dabbled 
with FT-8
> and live in more populous areas. Has the world really turned upside down 
> what do you think the future holds?
> Vy 73
> Steve, VK6VZ/G3ZZD
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