Topband: Bizzare EMI Story

Wed Nov 7 10:31:49 EST 2018

I’m sure there are LOTS of bizarre 160m RFI stories and I am going to add a 
few of mine: A few months ago, I added an ALS-600 600w HF amp to the 100w 
station on 160 and then the fun began. My XYL informed me that the timer 
alarm on the kitchen stove would trigger with each dot or dash I sent. I 
agreed to stay off 160 until it was fixed. Ordered and installed 6 ferrite 
cores on the AC power line to the stove and added .05 capacitors across each 
AC phase in the breaker box to cure that issue. Once back on the air, the 
XYL now informed me that the LED light bulbs in the living room would 
flicker with 160m CW. Changed the bulbs back to standard incandescent to fix 
that problem. Back on the air when the XYL informed me that the exercise 
treadmill in the den would start up and run when I was transmitting FT-8 on 
160 even though the ac switch was OFF. At this point I am ready to go back 
to 2m FM but tried unplugging the treadmill which fixed that problem. I am 
now pumping the audio on her CD player in the kitchen so have to go research 
that....73 all best DX on Top Band !!!
  Jay NY2NY 

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