Topband: Preamp on RX antenna`s in contest environment.

Rune Øye rune.e.oye at
Tue Nov 13 04:57:57 EST 2018


I am currently building two RX loops for 160 meter band and to be used at
LA8W contest station. Output signals from these loops is not that great and
I need to add a preamp. From RX antennas to shack is approx. 1500 to 2000
feet. I would like to have the preamps at the loops and use DC inject on
coax cable but wonder if these 15dB preamps will be saturated. I guess the
will have an “easier life” in the shack and behind some band pas filters.
Distance from TX antennas is not more than 700 feet on 160. I am building
the VE3DO loops and will space them 5/8 wave broadside and then feed each
loop to a DX-Engennering phase box. Any suggestions from the experts J

73 Rune LA7THA

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