Topband: Wednesday 160m Activity Night

Roger Kennedy roger at
Tue Nov 13 14:33:56 EST 2018

Well DX propagation has certainly been up and down the past few weeks . . .
one day it can be rubbish . . . the next day really good.

But here's the thing . . . sometimes the band is wide open (as shown by
getting really strong RBN reports) . . . but there's only one or two
stations on!

So I'm going to suggest again what I suggested last season . . . one night
in the week where as many people as possible make an effort to come on the
band and have lots of QSOs.

This certainly worked last season . . . on many Wednesdays I had over 30
North American contacts, it was great !

So I'll be on the band from around 23.30Z tonight . . . and then popping on
a few times during the night too (although I'm still noticing no peak these
days at my Sunrise - if anything signals drop off as dawn approaches!)

Roger G3YRO

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