Topband: Vertical and horizontal polarized antennas

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My take on this is that having had a low inverted vee at about 80ft and a
top loaded vertical over a very good ground system to compare against each
other. I have found the following that despite the vertical being short 60ft
with the exception of stations within 200miles the vertical is always
better. However the vertical is about 87% efficient with a serious amount of
long radials.
YMMV  73 Clive GM3POI

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I think most people know I use a horizontal 160m Dipole as my main antenna .
. .

But my 6ft Receiving Loop is vertically polarised . . . so it's quite
interesting to see the difference in signals between the two. (I have a
pre-amp that makes local signals the same strength on the Loop)

Most EU signals are stronger on the Dipole . . . and listening to those wide
radar type signals (from Russia?) there is a huge difference in tone when
switching (due to phase differences)

However . . . although SOME DX signals are stronger on the Loop, it's
interesting that most of the time, they're exactly the same strength. 

(but my S/N is usually 6 -10dB better on the Loop . . even more if there's
any local switch-mode electrical interference)

Regarding 160m Conditions, not bad on Thursday night . . . but poor last
night - apart from a Sunset Peak sweeping across NA, after that signals
dropped right off. (my signals typically dropping 25dB on RBN sites).

Roger G3YRO

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