Topband: 75 meter 1/4 wave vertical on160

doug dietz doug49707 at
Sat Nov 17 12:04:01 EST 2018

I have been lurking in the background for over a year there have been some
excellent learning possibilities.
Thank you all. now on to my question.

I have a 1/4 wave vertical (about 66 feet) for 75-80 meters  I would like
to try and make it resonate on 1.825. If I put the analyzer on it I don't
understand the reading.....I know the swr is bad on 160 because the
kpa-1500 will not match it.  If possible I would like to add a coil at the
bottom with a relay to switch in and out. Any ideas length of wire,
diameter, of coil, and size of wire, for 1500 watts   I am not worried
 about receive  only transmit.

Doug  WD8Z

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