Topband: ARRL DXCC - 160 Meters

Gary Smith Gary at
Sat Nov 17 12:23:40 EST 2018


Hopefully the ARRL will look into this and 
act in a way we all will be satisfied but 
they can't act until they have done their 
own due diligence. Informing DXCC about it 
is the best we can hope to do unless they 
do not act on it. I expect they will act 
on it when they find the truth for 

To me, It's the same story as always; 
Whether someone cheats or not, my score is 
still mine and I'll never see 339 on 160. 
On all band, possibly, as I'm getting 

His score if done by cheating is worthless 
to anyone but him and if he holds it high, 
he is deluding himself and is just another 
wretch to be pitied for a mental 

I suspect if this was done by cheating, 
this is just a small window into the rest 
of his life.



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