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JC I think you have to be careful about saying this daytime or that qso
could not have happened. "It entirely depends where the station is located."
An example, I have a QSL with three QSOS between me and a JD1 station all
within about 15 mins of each other, on different dates and centred on midday
here on 40m.  Stations in Northerly location will have a high degree of
probability for midwinter daytime DX contacts. They will at other parts of
the cycle, have a similar type of opening to the Pacific either side of mid
night on the higher HF bands. 
I agree the OK stuff stinks and considering the previous qsl printing that
went on, you cannot believe any of the data for certain.  
73 Clive GM3POI

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Hi Guys

Here what I think is the problem. DXCC records and link accounts. This is a
problem with CQ WAZ as well. Here some examples, Back in late 80's a PY1
send 40 cards to claim CQ WAZ 40 zones on 160m, just after HB9AMO  Plaque #
1  -  13 June 1987 . K1MEM sent a letter to PY1RO to check the cards, and
several cards was just impossible QSO's, like China during daytime and the
Chinese station never worked on 160m.  The certificate was canceled, however
10 to 20 years later the same guy apply again and get his WAZ original
certificate number validate using old credits. The certificate was canceled
but the filed credits not.

Same thing on DXCC, after 10 years you can apply again, using link accounts,
and using old credits on file. I've seen this with others PY, LZ and why not
this OK. This is fixable.

I understand the ARRL wants to be very discreate when someone is caught
doing creative things, no moral or ethical help on publicity. 

So I believe it is just an internal broken process that allow linked
accounts and old records to be used again without verification.

The issue I see on LOTW is a lack of card check at the same level we have
with paper QSL cards.

Here some examples. PY3CEJ posted on his website a QSL card with a SSB QSO
11:30 am local noon time, and with only 100w.  I call PY3CEJ and challenged
him about this impossible QSO, few days latter the 4W guy uploaded on Club
Log this fantastic QSO. If you look on the statistics there is only one
single QSO on 160, 2 QSO's on 80m and 100's of QSO on 40m SSB, most with
JA's. I cannot say that this QSO was uploaded to LOTW, but there is nothing
to prevent it.

In the last six years we've seen a large number of QSO during day time on
160m from several " groups club" , like the ongoing strong between PY, LZ
and YB. QSO's on 160m on broad day sun light. Ongoing means last week with
new impossible QSO's on Club Log and credits on the DXCC list latter for

The explanation from ARRL was that there is no way to stop "them". I don't
agree with it, a simple code on LOTW DXCC validation can flag those daytime
160m QSO's for late "card check".

The real thing here is the most dangerous behavior for our hobby.

if you don't care I don' t mind, and I don't mind if you don't care.

Please!  we do care,   and we do mint!   Do something too!...



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