Topband: RCS8V is the correct model

Lee STRAHAN k7tjr at
Fri Nov 23 21:04:34 EST 2018

   Hi Al and the group
     I was looking for an on to off isolation spec with the RCS8V coaxial switch but unable to find one. I have seen where two different receiving antennas will interact with each other if the isolation between ports on a coax switch is not great enough. They use a single relay so my GUESS would be about 40 dB. This is why we developed the Hi-Z coax switches that will provide over 70 dB of on to off ratio and isolation between inputs for little to none reaction between receiving antennas. You might contact the manufacturer for information on the isolation capability of their RCS8V product. Its not of much concern for transmitting antennas but certainly can be with receiving antennas with high directivity.
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Subject: Topband: RCS8V is the correct model

Had a brain fart here.  I meant to ask RCS8V and Gary KD9SV was kind enough to question my switch designation.
Al,  W5IZ

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