Topband: ARRL DXCC - 160 Meters - Station Location and Boundary

W7RH midnight18 at
Sun Nov 25 21:38:46 EST 2018


My 2cents. The continuing threads about DXCC rules bother me. At what 
point does a rule need to be changed? Regarding remote receive I suppose 
I accept a private remote with say 10km radius. Group or Club rent a RX, 
No way! There is no value in anything unless you make an effort yourself.

The ARRL DXCC rules already diminished in any value personal or whatever 
in the DXCC award.  The US is a large country with greatly different 
propagation zones in all corners. The dial up rent a rig business, 
brainless FT8 operation and the fact that many of the TOP Honor Roll 
folks have lived and operated in multiple call sign zones throughout 
their tenure make the paper nearly meaningless.

This leaves the last straw of honor if that, in contesting. Where one 
can honestly compete with people in a more or less fair category if not 
local region. A place where you might actually learn something like, 
techniques, skills, propagation, station construction and other 

So quit crying about working the last one. Life is too fricking short. 
Step up to the plate and quit whining like a spoiled rotten kids and get 
in a contest or two. At least for the most part rules are followed and 
there are enough categories to satisfy most stations. It might even give 
a few of you a few goals in life other than griping.

Bob, W7RH


It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

Albert Einstein

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