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I'm using RG6 for my beverages. They are switched, bidirectional.
Performance seems to be equivalent to a single wire beverage. They can also
be deployed as a BOG. RG6 is cheap, and I built my own transformers and
switches. If you suspect a problem, they can be checked out with an ohm
meter. Not sure why these have not caught on as folks continue to struggle
with ladderline and WD1. JK Antenna offers a commercial version as well.


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Hi Pete, 

The bad news is that 215 feet is not long enough to produce good performance
from a Beverage. It will work for a BOG, but that's not your best choice. 

Could you install two or three short verticals over a total length of
120 feet? The YCCC three element array is a superb choice if you can. The
Hi-Z arrays are also worthy of consideration.


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I've just spent a very educational hour with Google Earth looking at my
Beverage options for 160M. On a 45/225 azimuth I can only get about 215
feet. Is that even worth doing with a conventional Beverage? What about a
BOG? Because of my lot layout I will need to use a reversible 2-wire
Beverage with the NE end right outside my shack. Don't know if the KD9SV
reversing transformers will work for a BOG. 

My other reasonable receiving option is a K9AY loop or similar. 
Transmitting antenna will be an inverted L, with vertical section probably
no more than 60 feet. I'd like to finish my 160M DXCC this winter if


73, Pete N4ZR
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