Topband: Vertical antennas aren't always best for DX

n4is at n4is at
Mon Nov 26 11:05:43 EST 2018


Every dipole or inverted V irradiate  50% of the power horizontal polarized
broadside with the wire and 50% of the power vertical polarized along the
wire. After the first refraction it does not matter. 

This is an electro-magnetic wave law. You can check that on EZENEC, it is
not a anecdote.

The advantage over vertical 1/4 wave antenna is efficiency.  The vertical
efficiency depends on the ground plane resistance, it is common to see
invert L with only 50 % irradiated power, the other 50% is dissipated on the

"In Theory, we know everything, but nothing works"

"In Practice, everything works, but we don't know why"

We never will fully understand the 160m band.


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