Topband: Vertical antennas aren't always best for DX

Roger Kennedy roger at
Tue Nov 27 08:36:30 EST 2018

Yes, but according to EZNEC, a 160m dipole at 50ft produces very little
radiation at low angles, compared to one at 150ft.

But I'm sceptical about the accuracy of EZNEC with such a low antenna, as
it's just based on theory . . . I'm not convinced it can accurately model
the real-world situation of what is actually happening with the ground
underneath the antenna.  (remember - my 160m dipole is like a 20m dipole 3ft
off the ground!)

Roger G3YRO


Sorry ,  but all antenna's on 160m are close to the ground and it is the
case, you can check by yourself using EZENEC if you don't know how to
calculate the fields.

There is no misleading here.


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