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Hi Mike,
FB on the drone to string the line.  Best of luck with it.
In case the initial 3/16 line is too heavy for the drone, I have a suggestion that might help.
I too mostly use 3/16 line for tree antenna projects. I use an air cannon made by a local, which has a fishing reel, and I use Daiwa braided line initially over the tree (J-Braid ). Then I haul the 3/16 dacron rope over the tree with braided line. I've never had it break, and it's extremely light weight.

I would be interested in how you make out with the drone. The air cannon generally works well, but a few times the line has tangled on the way over the tree as the projective (6in pvc 1/4in) passes through the tiny branches.

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Hi Paul,

Happy to! That's my problem too, lots of trees too close together.

This is the drone I ordered:
Prices on drones have really come down.

My plan is to tie 3/16" braided nylon cord to the drone; take off
vertically from the S side of the tree about 50' away to at least twice the
tree's height, move straight N at that height, and then descend straight
down *at least* 50' past the tree. (I'm being overcautious.)

That line will then be used to pull a 1/4" or 3/8" nylon rope over the tree
and make a loop (tie the ends together). At those ends is where the metal
pulley will be, attached at that point with about 2 or 3 feet of rope to
keep it from touching the tree. The 14 AWG THHN wire for the inverted-L
will go through that pulley.

*This drone may or may not work. *It doesn't have features like GPS that
more expensive drones have.  I won't receive it until after the first week
in December.

73, Mike<>

On Tue, Nov 27, 2018, 1:12 PM [private] wrote:

> Sir : could you tell me what drone and accessories you 're going to use
> for that pulley - in - the - tree job?
> My QTH is almost all trees ... shooting fishing line gets hopelessly
> tangled in a number of trees . Sure would like to "drop" a line from a
> drone.
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