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Interesting about the drones. I want to get one or maybe have someone who runs them take a video of my tower and place. High quality video that is. If you ever watch youtube/Andrew Caramata doing his property management/excavation stuff you will be amazed by how long his video are and the distances he flies with his drone. He even has a video where he takes it apart and does a repair on the camera mount system to get it to run smoothly. I'm a real fan of this youtube videos about the arborist/tree climbing pruning and tree removing (don't know exactly what to call it). Ace Tree out of VK land has some awesome videos. I could use someone around here like that but the one quote I got was over $1000.

With the drone I would think if you can come up with a mechanism to release the rope/fish line you could use a fishing weight about 1 to 1.5 oz and run you line over a tree and drop it. That would keep you from tangling up your drone coming down again. 

Most of all they really can do some tremendous video with the drone!


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> Oooh! Thanks! I didn't think of that.
> 73, Mike
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> > Trying to picture how you bring a line down from the top of a tree with a
> > drone...  without it getting snagged.  Guess you need a weight of some kind
> > to pull the rope down and away from the propellers.
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