Topband: Installing Wire Antennas Supported By Lines Over Tall Trees

Dick Bingham dick.bingham at
Thu Nov 29 13:46:19 EST 2018

I use a "Big Shot" arborist slingshot to install my wire antennas from tall
Fir and Cottonwood trees.

Check it out here ===>

You can launch a 3/4-inch pipe elbow over 100+foot high trees with height
to spare.
This is not a wimpy-ass system and can hurl some strong messenger-line
over the trees with ease even during serious winds.

Use an open-face style spool/roll of messenger line that allows the line to
off the end of the spool, or like a spin fish-casting reel, without having
to reel-off by spinning the spool. I usually stab a rod into the ground so
it points toward the selected tree and insert the roll of twine onto the
rod so the line can be launched
with minimal off-axis drag.

Painting the pipe-elbow/whatever *International-Orange* saves LOTS of
search time when using nearly invisible fishing line and you are working

73 Dick/w7wkr

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