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I am not a member of the YCCC but I do have a couple of years experience 
with the Hi-Z.  Mine is the 3 element array at 50 foot spacing.  The 
verticals you construct yourself and are 21 foot tall. Mine are aluminum 
tubing from DX Engineering but I know people who have made them from long 
fishing poles with wire run up them. Each antenna has a preamp fixed to the 
base and requires no ground system, only a ground rod at each antenna. 
That's part of what made the system attractive to me.  I live on an acre lot 
outside of the city and don't have access to enough property to use 
beverages.  The K9AY system sounds like a good system but unless you have a 
spot that you don't mow you can't leave it up any longer than through the 
winter months.  With the Hi-Z you can put it up and bury the 75 ohm feed so 
you can use it more than just when your not mowing.  The three element even 
at 50 foot spacing (optimized for 160) still works well down to 40 meters. 
After that the higher in frequency you go it looses directivity.  Although 
sometimes it has so much better SNR than my transmit antenna that I can hear 
better even on the higher frequencies.  The other advantage to the Hi-Z is 
that it can be placed within 100 foot of the transmit antenna without any 
problems.  I have a local AM station that is about 8 miles east of my 
location.  I never had any problems on 160 until I put up the Hi-Z.  Then 
the SNR was so good when I pointed the array east I could hear the harmonics 
and had to put a high pass filter in to block it on the array.  BTW you get 
6 directions out of the three element Hi-Z.  I am not sure how many 
directions the 2 element would give you but If I lived where that was all I 
could muster, I wouldn't hesitate to put a 2 element Hi-Z up.  Surrounding 
objects don't seem to effect it much (although I haven't tested mine in the 
total clear) because I have mine in a triangle surrounding a large walnut 
tree with a row of evergreens about 10 foot along one side.  The bottom line 
is before I would work everything I could hear on 160 and now there are a 
lot that don't hear me.  Time to work on the transmit antenna!

Tim, K9CQ
Jacksonville, IL (west central north of Saint Louis MO.)

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Hi I am seeking information from anyone with experience with hi z arrays. I 
am considering either the hi z two element array or the Jk antenna bev-flex 
beverage system. They both can fill my needs as my property has limitations 
headed northeast. And both will give me directivity towards Europe. Thanks 
for any advice,

73 ,
Steve Jobes

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