Topband: Hi Z Antennas

Dennis W0JX w0jx at
Fri Nov 30 15:10:18 EST 2018

I have had a Hi-Z four square up since early 2012. It is a very good system for my needs. I have adequate land - although it was necessary to put it out in the front yard to get it away from the TX antenna - for the 80 foot per side layout. I see 18 to 24 db front to rear rejection depending upon angle of signal arrival. My system is probably compromised by power lines that border two sides of my property. The Hi-Z is connected to the second RX in my K3 and is used in diversity mode on 160 and 80.

For main RX on the low bands I used to have two, 450 foot reversible beverages. However local noise sources have made those beverages almost unusable in the past 5 years. Hence I was forced to put up antennas which have excellent rear rejection. For that purpose, I installed three "dual flag" receive arrays. These are similar to DHDL rx antennas developed by George, AA7JV except that I use two flag loops instead of the half deltas.

The flag antennas (really simplified Waller flags) have excellent rear rejection and make the AC power line noise almost non-existent. If you purchase the Bev-Flex, I do recommend installing it as a EWE or FLAG. If you go with the Hi-Z two element, make sure there are no antennas or large metal objects in near by proximity or you won't get the receiving pattern you need.

73, Dennis W0JX
Milan, OH 

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