Topband: Shooting lines over tree tops

James Lee jlee.nk7b at
Fri Nov 30 15:23:43 EST 2018

I have the SS Line Launcher, which uses .22 blanks and can shoot its custom-shaped projectile a VERY long distance.  I agree with the previously posted tip of spreading a plastic tarp so that shot line can feed out with minimal chance of snagging or forming tension knots on itself.  I also like the trick of figure-8 coiling of shot line, a smart idea.  I use a large cardboard box to contain my free line—putting that box on ground about 3 feet in front of me.

I have used my Line Launcher in Vermont to put lines easily over 100-foot tall trees and place suspension ropes for large horizontal wire loops.  A serious piece of advice if you use the Line Launcher: Wear Good Ear Protection—the report is very loud. Second piece of advice: Wear Eye Protection at all times.  

This is no toy, but a truly dangerous weapon just as soon as the projectile has been lowered into the barrel. The gun must be treated with great respect and disciplined moves. The bad mental trap here to consciously avoid is dropping your guard because your brain is telling you, “It’s only using blanks”.


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