Topband: 160 Meters in Thailand

Ken Claerbout kenk4zw at
Sun Dec 1 05:53:38 EST 2019

Hi Gang - I was fortunate to be part of the HS0ZAR M/2 team for CQWW
DX CW.  I arrived at the station on Tuesday afternoon, hoping the days
leading up to the contest a couple of us would be able to hand out
QSO's on the lowbands.  A lot of work needed to be done in preparation
for the contest, including cabling of new antennas into the shack.
Two of those antennas are Waller Flags for receiving.  So between not
having antennas available and the long hours of preparation, there was
little time for operating. Maybe next time.

Nevertheless, everything came together beautifully and we had a blast.
Here's some pictures of the station and the contest operation.


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