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Mikek amdx at
Mon Dec 2 15:59:23 EST 2019

Thanks for the input K2AV. After reading IV3PRK's webpage I was
convinced a BOG is not related to a beverage.
His first line is "yes, this is a resonant antenna, nothing to do with beverages!"**

  Is there any advantage to having a BOG 1" or 2" off the ground?
Dry? Filled with water?
  I have thought of running a 1" or 2" pvc pipe the BOG length and tie wrapping the wire to the top side.
This would allow weed whipping under and around the pipe and make it easy to keep debris from laying on top.

I'm still working on a variable inductor, not that I haven't been able to reduce a 100uH inductor to resistance
using the magnetic field from a relay coil. But I need to over drive the relay coil. I'm still looking
for a relay coil that produces a large magnetic field. at 12v to 30v. At a cheap price! Something may show up.
  If anyone has info on what I should look for in a relay that might tell me "this has a high magnetic flux", please pass that along.
  I can also use an AC relay on DC (up to a current limit) if that gets me more flux.**

  Here's the original article that got me started on a DC variable inductor.

I have been contacted privately by a couple of hams to comment with my call sign.
Years ago I got a Tech license, and thought it expired, so I haven't used it. I went to
renew today and found I did renew and it's good until 2028. I have no recall of renewing it.
"Getting old ain't for sissys!" ARRGH!
                                Mikek KF4ITA

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