Topband: Measure DOG to calculate BOG

Mike Waters mikewate at
Sat Dec 7 16:32:26 EST 2019

Search the Topband Archives for Guy Olinger's posts containg BOG. IMO, what
he has shared here is as accurate as anyone's.

Guy posted a recent thread that stated that a BOG is not a Beverage. While
some took issue with that, he was really making some points about the major
differences and issues with laying an elevated Beverage on the ground.

Unless you love trial-and-error, then read his stuff if you want to succeed
at hearing weak signals.

I'm *not* saying that Guy is the only one. Jerry K4SAV (and others whose
names escape me today) should be studied also.

73, Mike W0BTU

On Sat, Dec 7, 2019, 11:13 AM Mikek <amdx at> wrote:

> I once saw a print up of laying out a Dipole on Ground and doing
> measurements and adjusting length and then using that to figure out a
> proper length for a BOG.
> ...

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