Topband: ARRL 160m CW Contest

fmoeves fmoeves at
Tue Dec 10 11:21:51 EST 2019

Had a lot of fun in the contest made 139 contacts. I made just a few to EU qrm from other stations made it tough. I worked into Caribbean OK. But I'm with Wes it was more like a WAS contest. I just picked up 7610 but did not have time to get it maybe better next year. Some things I learned.. I'm pretty deaf to the west the K9AY loop was the only antenna in that direction. The 7300 receiver is not good  in the middle of a pileup. My South Beverage was good but I didn't hear much. North Beverage was a little weak. I was also plagued with my Amp (Acom 2100) tripping out on high swr. My inverted L is very narrow.I'll have to move it down the band.Anyway had a blast. Fred KB4QZH
-------- Original message --------From: Wes <wes_n7ws at> Date: 12/9/19  7:11 PM  (GMT-05:00) To: topband at Subject: Re: Topband: ARRL 160m CW Contest Unless you're in NA and looking for DX.  On this end it was like WAS contest for me.  I did manage to work all continents and a few ATNO.  Surprisingly I missed some sections in adjacent states, CA, NM and NV.Strictly a S&P operation with a modest station; inverted-L with only (so far) a dozen radials and 500W.  No separate RX antennas; as I still hear better than I get out.  Biggest disappointment was calling and calling and calling the CQ machine, JT1CO, with no luck (again).  I work many other AS stations who are weaker than he was so maybe he has a noise problem.Wes  N7WSOn 12/8/2019 3:40 PM, Roger Kennedy wrote:> I had forgotten how good this contest was to work DX stations . . .>> Unlike the CQ WW there were hardly any Europeans on, so much easier to hear> them without strong QRM !>> Unfortunately I was at work til Midnight our time both nights AND had to be> up early in the morning, so couldn't stay on very long . . . but did manage> to work about 40 NA stations (despite signals being well down on normal)>> 73 Roger G3YRO>> _________________> Searchable Archives: - Topband Reflector>_________________Searchable Archives: - Topband Reflector

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