DXer hfdxmonitor at
Sun Dec 15 17:33:26 EST 2019

 >>One good thing about this is that my TV time has gone to almost zero...

Are TVs still available? All I have is a 50" Netflix display. The family 
says it should also 'receive' Amazon Prime. LOL

 >>"When we were young, we tried to sneak out of the house to go to a 
party. These days, we try to sneak out of a party to go to the house!"

One good thing about aging is that I'm very 'good in bed' now. I'm sound 
asleep in a few minutes. LOL

To make this post ham related, I spent a small 'fortune' on ferrites. A 
good selection of FT240-31/43/61/N30 and the big mix 31 clamp on type. 
Some binocular cores for galvanic isolators, etc.

I'll be busy this winter experimenting with this stuff. A couple have 
already been deployed, and the improvements were worth it.

73 de Vince, VA3VF

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