Topband: A50BOC

Jon Zaimes jz73 at
Tue Dec 17 06:01:28 EST 2019

I worked A50BOC on 1826.5 (qsx 27.5) CW at 0040z today. A new one for me on
Top, no. 329. I started hearing at 0030z and their signal dropped out just
before 0100z. Peak was 559. Best receiving antenna here was single-wire
950-foot Beverage at 37 degrees. Stations 90 miles north of me reported they
couldn't hear the A5.


Op there was Adrian, KO8SCA, who said later on the ON4KST chat that they
would have some locals helping today to move their Beverage farther out in
the forest.


I was hearing them on 80 meters from before sunset until at least 30 minutes
after their 0044z sunrise. They worked some USA there (but not me).




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