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K9FD merv.k9fd at
Tue Dec 17 13:12:01 EST 2019

A5 guys were on both CW and FT-8 this morning,  signals that direction 
not too good it seemed.
There was decent activity on CW and FT-8 was unreal,  today the band was 
open over the pole,
not skew path,  right over the pole,  and say what you want,  it was 
shades of 2008-2009 era.
Tons of Eu and Russian Eu/Asia,   QSB was fast and deep,  one second 
would be +0 and next
transmission it would be -20.   Worked a number of stations, but had a 
blast listening to KL7SB
he came on and there were 10 to 15 callers at a time, he was giving good 
reports and this
continued for some time,  he was still going at it 30 mins after sunrise 
Myself I could still work EU on QSB peaks 30 to 45 mins after sunrise.  
One of the memorable
160 openings.
I am hopeful next season will be even better,  I think the lowest is yet 
to come,  and even perhaps
2021 before the upturn starts.
73 Merv K9FD  Molokai Island Hawaii

> Conditions were moderately good last evening (NA time) to Europe.  I got on at my SS and then again later in the evening and put 32 EUs (CW) in the log including some call signs I’ve not heard from in several years.  The A50BOC crew have been active and are trying hard on the low bands.  This morning they were QRV on 1826.5 (QSX up 1) and 1836 on FT-8 somewhat taking turns with modes.  About four NA stations that I’m aware of had success on CW.  They were also on 7002 and 60m (FT-8 I believe). . .so they’ve been busy and are clearly making a serious effort.  They have been working on improving their Beverages.  Good luck to all who need them.           73. . .Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays. . . Dave, W0FLS in Iowa
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