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Eugene Popov /RA0FF/ ra0ff at
Tue Dec 17 18:52:09 EST 2019

Good news, Ash!
I will be waiting for you at 160 and 30m. A big request at 160m to look not only at Japan, but also at other Asia.
See you later!
73! Eugene, RA0FF /
>Среда, 18 декабря 2019, 1:46 +11:00 от Ashraf Chaabane <ash.kf5eyy at>:
>Hi All -
>Three members of the "Association des Radio Amateurs Tunisiens - ARAT" are
>traveling to Algeria to conduct a joint Low Bands DXpedition with five
>members of the "Amateurs Radio Algeriens - ARA" from December 28th 2019 to
>January 2nd 2020 during which the operators will be focusing on working as
>many stations as possible on 160 and 80m as well as the other HF bands.
>Decent antennas for TX and RX (BOGs to NA and JA) are prepared for the
>The team led by Afif, 7X2RO, and Ash, 3V8SS/KF5EYY, also includes Ahmed,
>3V1B/KG5OUE (22 years); Marwa, 3V8CB (24 years, YL); Mohamed, 7X3TL (27
>years); Mohamed, 7X5FG; Redha, 7X5QB; and Abdelghani, 7X2TT/M0NPT.
>QSL will be via 7X2RO and LoTW.
>For more details on how to help and/or LF skeds please email me at
>ash.kf5eyy at .
>Your financial support will be used to cover youngsters costs.
>Ash ~ 3V8SS/KF5EYY
>Phone/SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram: (+216) 22670026
>Skype: kf5eyy
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