Topband: Interference on 1.821 From WRCR

David Olean k1whs at
Wed Dec 18 10:09:02 EST 2019

I think I did. I could hear voices and a broad peak of crud around 1820 
that was several kHz wide. I did not try to identify it. I just grumbled 
and went away and did something else.  I heard it after sunset last 
night, the 18th.  Normally, if I hear any BCB crud it will be much later 
when signals are horrendously loud.  I have a BCB filter, and it is 
effective with late night signals. I normally do not hear any BCB stuff 
other than weak birdies on 1800, 1810, 1820 etc.  I live in SW Maine.

I answered a few 160 CQs last night. Both were OZ signals. The first 
station had trouble hearing me. He was 559. Station #2 was louder and I 
gave him 579. I received a 339.  Maybe I had the amplifier plugged into 
the dummy load instead of the 160 feedline.

I went back to my workbench and got back at working on an old R-392 
receiver. When I was a young guy just out of school, I was in the Army 
and we had Collins R-392 receivers in our unit. It was similar to an 
R-390, but was re packaged to fit in a jeep and be out in the mud and 
dirt. It had a hermetically sealed case and ran with 28 volts on all the 
tubes.  My receiver had been "worked on" and the result was a basket 
case with all of the cams out of sync. There were missing slug racks and 
slugs. The main tuning dial did not cover the entire range. It was an 
interesting night working on putting it all back together and trying to 
get it to work. The PTO needed work too. I stayed up past 1:30 local 
time, so missed my sunrise. :-(

Dave K1WHS

On 12/18/2019 1:16 PM, rgarrett5 at wrote:
> Greetings,
> Strange happenings this AM.  I heard a lot of hash on 1.821 and listened on AM to hear radio station WRCR.  They were commenting on
> the tower being covered in ice and other references to the FCC.  Did anyone else here this spurious signal?  73, Bob K3UL
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