Topband: Interference on 1.821 From WRCR

Jon Zaimes jz73 at
Wed Dec 18 13:51:32 EST 2019

It was loud here last evening and this morning. At first I thought it was
some digital garbage from my computer since I had just started using FT8. I
could not copy the audio in CW or SSB modes on my K3 but it was clean copy
when I switched to AM on 1820 kHz.

It peaked on my long 45-degree Beverage and the announcer mentioned
something in "Westchester County" in New York so with some sleuthing online
and dual RX listening I matched it to WRCR's signal on 1700 kHz in Ramapo,
NY, about 160 miles NE of me.

Fellow topbanders from Alabama to Massachusetts on the ON4KST Low Band chat
also reported hearing it.

I called the station's business phone line around 6 a.m. and the announcer
(the only one in the building) answered and I explained the problem. He said
it might be due to "heavy icing on the tower." He later mentioned this on
the air and there was some chatter from listeners. He said he would relay
the complaint to the general manager and chief engineer later in the day.

I also sent the station an email with the same complaint but I've not had
any response.

I didn't notice any change in their signal at sunrise. They are licensed as
1 kw night and 10 kw day.

At 1:45 p.m. I am not hearing the signal on 1820, so this may have been

The station's phone number is 845-429-4695. An alternate is 845-362-5070.
....  if anyone else would like to lodge a complaint should this return.


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Strange happenings this AM.  I heard a lot of hash on 1.821 and listened on
AM to hear radio station WRCR.  They were commenting on the tower being
covered in ice and other references to the FCC.  Did anyone else here this
spurious signal?  73, Bob K3UL

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