Topband: Propagation observations

Mark Lunday wd4elg at
Wed Dec 18 16:00:08 EST 2019

Not trying to agitate, just making an observation about 160 meters.

If I can easily copy FT8 signals  coming from EU on my simple inverted L at my North Carolina QTH a full 80 minutes before sunset on 160, is there any reason why I should not be able to make a CW QSO?

I always followed common wisdom from others on top band (and mostly for 80 meters)...if the sun is up, DX is nil due to ionospheric absorption (VA2GU exceptions notwithstanding).

But I was copying EA8DO at 2020 UTC today, and not ESP...I could occasionally hear the audio tones.  So why can't I do a CW QSO?

And then there's the skewed long-path from US NE and Canada to VK6 that has been workable daily on 80 meter SSB.  Since JULY!  Thanks to K2RR and VA2GU who clued me in, and I was heard on that path in July.

So I am starting to listen BEFORE sunset on 80 and 160.  The mystery continues, especially with a spotless sun.

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