Topband: Wednesday 160m DX CW Activity Night

Peter Sundberg sm2cew at
Thu Dec 19 15:58:33 EST 2019

The sky was all green and purple from south west to north last night 
due to aurora.

Magnetometer in KP07 swinging wildly.

No NA stations heard (or worked) on 160m at this QTH.

Peter SM2CEW

At 20:49 2019-12-19, Roger Kennedy wrote:

>Well I spent a few hours on the band calling CQ last night, but only had a
>couple of QSOs.
>There were several other EU stations doing the same, and again not getting
>Not sure if it was just poor conditions or lack of activity?  (although my
>QSO and RBN reports were OK)
>73 Roger G3YRO
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