Topband: Temporary antenna suggestion for 160.

DXer hfdxmonitor at
Thu Dec 19 20:18:29 EST 2019


 >>I have no plans to replace my 30,000 feet of radials...

I'm a 'metric' guy. If my faltering brain is still functional, this is 
close to 10 km. All for a 160M antenna?

I just placed an order for 200 ft of wire. Even with the 50% off 
special, I cannot imagine the 'bill' for 30,000 ft. And if I could 
afford it, my 30x15 ft backyard would make it a little trickier to 
deploy. LOL

Found a YouTube video from 2017:

I'm hoping to complete my 80M DXCC this winter. If that happens, Topband 
will be my top priority for next winter. Reading all I can find about 
compromise Topband antennas. :^(

Last but not least, even if 7 months have elapsed already, it was great 
meeting you in Dayton/Xenia last May. No, you won't remember me, but 
that's OK. LOL

73 de Vince, VA3VF

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